Malbec, also called Cot or Auxerrois, originates from the southwest of France (Quercy), especially in Cahors where it is the main grape variety.
Very cultivated in Bordeaux, until the destruction of the vineyard by phylloxera (1880) and by the great frost of 1956, it then gave way to other grape varieties (merlot, cabernets, etc.).

It is one of the 6 grape varieties authorized in the Bordeaux appellation where it is rarely produced and often blended; we have chosen to vinify it and to age it "alone" for this cuvée.

Vine: 18 years old, mass selection.

Fermentation: 2 to 3 weeks.

Aging: 16 months, half in a terracotta jar, half in 400 and 500 l barrels

No fining, total SO2 30 mg / l.
Characteristics: floral aromas of violet, peony ..), spicy; full and sweet mouth.
Production area: 1ha

to drink over 8-10 years

Les Malbecs

AOC Bordeaux