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Our wines

If we started with the “obvious” finality: that the wine be shared and drunk, that it keep its “food” value linked to pleasures, flavors, agreements, freshness, balance; and above all, in the end, remember that we "only" make wine !!

So, my intention is to let the typicity of our place, of this "terroir" express itself through our different red grape varieties: merlot, cabernet franc, malbec, castet, mancin des palus and pineau d'Aunis.

Stay “as close as possible” to these grapes, with the least possible intervention; that the human hand be vigilant and discreet, attentive and sensitive.

I offer you 7 different cuvées, ranging from the simplest, immediate, "easy" to the deepest, most complex:

Tire Pé Diem , Tire Vin Vite, Tire Pé, The Côte de Tire Pé, Malbecs.


And finally the adventure with our 2 original and unusual cuvées:

la Nomade and l'Échappée , expressions of 3 ancestral and often "forgotten" or even disappeared grape varieties, aged in terracotta jars (already used to preserve wine 6000 years BC, in Georgia in particular ...)

Whatever the vintage, our guideline is in balance, precision, expression ...

To go in this direction, we harvest our grapes at the "right" maturity, carry out "soft" vinifications (no "forced" extraction but rather in "infusion" mode) at moderate fermentation t ° (24-28 ° ), then aging ranging from 8 months to over 36 months in concrete vats, in barrels (400 and 500 l) or even in terracotta jars.

Here you find all the information

about our wines in one PDF

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