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Our history

August 1997 , Hélène and I (originally from Charente and Berry respectively) “land”

on this marvelous promontory, overlooking the Garonne;

Located in the south-east of Entre 2 Mers (60 km south of Bordeaux), near the small town of La Réole, our small estate has 13 ha of vines, 10 ha of forest, walnut trees, meadows and a center. equestrian run by Hélène. This small road that seems to lead to the "end of the world" ends in "dead end" at the top of the aptly named "La Côte de Tirepet". In fact, the latter has the distinction of being very steep, and legend tells us that the working animals, the "beasts of burden", relieved themselves of their efforts to go up to the farm by "pulling the fart" at the top of the coast !!

On the way to this adventure, our 3 children were born, Louise, Zoé and Octave, themselves already on the move, to discover their own paths.

Our place, this terroir

Perched on clay-limestone hillsides, exposed mainly to the south, this unique, privileged place calls us to contemplation but not only! .. In organic production mode since 2008, the estate has been certified organic (Ecocert) since 2011; nevertheless, we are aware that any “system” or mode of conduct has its own limits, it is up to us to remain clear-sighted and to continue our adjustments, our evolutions taking into account as much as possible the living as a whole.

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