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"Bacchus philosophy"

The "good" idea from the "good" winemaker: to make "good" wines in a privileged place… Okay, but in real life, what does that mean?

With a few years of hindsight (and yes ...), I can observe that we are well in the very basis of philosophy, by that I mean questions, realizations, perpetual movements linked to our evolutions as a whole , oscillating between periods of doubt, discomfort, comfort, evolution….
The profession of winegrower is a whole, which makes it so rich but also its great complexity, where it can be easy to get lost; it is up to us to know how to take the time to (re) define our course, to (re) give meaning, to keep our capacities for discernment and adjustment.

Stay tuned to our intuitions, in connection with a nature which itself inexorably pursues its own cycles and evolutions.

This same nature, which, unpredictable mistress , knows how to take care of our humility ...

Isolating a “vinic” philosophy will therefore be incomplete, because it is closely linked to a more holistic aspect, where we try to (re) link the plant, the animal, the human and sometimes the + subtle;) ..

Today's one tends for me towards values ​​of freedom, authenticity, originality, simplicity, taste , nature, pleasure. May you find them in our wines !!

“It's easy to keep up with the times. Big deal! Anyone can be of their time ! Just follow everyone and bleat with the flock.

But ar e its place, it is precisely established between the place where one leads his life and oneself, this kind of agreement is that we end up approaching the so-called wisdom "


Pierre Jakez Helias

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