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Blend of two very rare ancestral grape varieties from the Bordeaux region, now endangered: Castet and Mancin des Palus.

* The castet: the grape discovered around 1870 in Gironde, it would come from the small village of Castets en Dorthe, located not far from our domain !!
Quickly, this grape variety experienced a boom in the Aquitaine vineyard, with a solid reputation, then was forgotten after the ravages of phylloxera around 1880, (insect responsible for the destruction of a very large part of the French vineyard)
* Mancin des Palus: also a very old Girondin grape variety, it could come from medieval times; In 1781, writings tell us about the great fame of this grape variety, then dominant in certain Grands Crus of Graves and Médoc! Today it has almost disappeared.

Aging: 16 months in a terracotta jar.

No fining, total SO2 30mg.

Characteristics: aromas of wild berries, liquorice, white flowers, spices; fleshy and "crunchy" palate ...
Confidential production: 0.8 ha


Vin de France

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